Satellite Displays
  • Up to 2 Satellite Displays can be connected to the Co Pilot 2 via the satellite connector on the main harness.
  • Available in Single, Dual Horizontal, and Dual Vertical configurations.
  • Billet aluminum and completely waterproof
  • Can be mounted remotely from Co Pilot 2. For example, the Co Pilot 2 can be steering wheel mounted and the Satellite Display(s) can be fixed mounted to the dash.
  • Can display any signal including pressures, temperatures, lap time, speed, lap number, etc.
  • Can flash if the displayed signal is in an alarm condition. Can display “- - - -” if the displayed signal is within its normal range (not alarmed).
In-Helmet “Heads Up” lights

  • Shift Light and Warning Light on flexible material
  • Can be taped to helmet visor or installed inside helmet
  • Quick-disconnect miniature connector
Steering Wheel Mounting
  • Mounting a Co Pilot 2 to steering wheel requires a either a Steering Wheel Coil Cord or a “Wire Free Quick Disconnect” (see below)


Remote Alarm & Shift Lights

  • Super Bright 10 mm diameter remote LED lights can be mounted anywhere. 

Modular “Plug & Play” Wiring
  • All wiring has waterproof connectors installed for easy and reliable connection of your Co Pilot 2 System 

  • Custom tailored harnesses are available for specific vehicles.

USB Upload and Download
  • All communication between the PC and the Co Pilot 2 is via the Co Pilot’s high speed USB connection.
  • Uploading & Downloading of setups and baseline laps is nearly instantaneous with plug & play USB connection.
  • Tiny waterproof plug for USB is located on the bottom of the Co Pilot 2, and can be plugged in “blind”
"Wire Free" Quick Disconnect Option
Steering Wheel quick release with built-in connector eliminates coil cord in wheel mount applications