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"Power Analyze Your Data" is a series of flash based movies.
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Topic Description Date
Introduction Introduction to "Power Analyze" Your Data 10/8/07
Tour of TM A rather lengthly tour of the features of the Track Master analysis software. Many data analysis tips are included along the way 10/8/07
Segments How to segment a track and set up your segment times 10/8/07
Tour of TM Part 2 A tour of the features of the Pro version of Track Master, including suspension data presentation and how new plot pages are created. Under Construction
Segment Navigation Navigating your data using the segment times report. Under Construction
Braking Analysis of braking technique and the brake to corner entry transition. Under Construction
Handling An overview of the proprietary CDS handling analysis including Baseline Steer, Understeer, and Oversteer. Under Construction
Revs & Gearing Analysis of shifting, gear selection and gear usage. Under Construction